LuKutz – Music for your Countach (FV & Friends Remix Album) (2016)

02.Pierre Sonality & Mase – Soylent Green Remix
03.Doz9 – Dörty Talk Remix (Cuts by Lukutz)
04.Sendemast ft. Toni L. – Back to Flavour Remix (Cuts by Tivi the Kid)
05.Pierre Sonality & Mase – Pseudonym Remix (Cuts by Lukutz)
06.Pierre Sonality & Slowy – Slowality Remix (Cuts by Lukutz)
07.Sonne Ra – Am Drehen Remix (Cuts by Lukutz)
08.Galv – Stargate Remix
09.Funkverteidiger – Es heisst Remix (Cuts by DJ Dextar)
10.Pierre Sonality & O-Flow – Shorteez Remix (Cuts by Lukutz)
11.Pierre Sonality – Für Videomann Remix (Cuts by Lukutz)
12.Sendemast – Mit der Clikk Remix
13.Doz9, Maulheld, Katharsis & Sonne Ra – Die Pusher Remix (Cuts by Lukutz)
14.Pierre Sonality & Mase – BBQ Remix
15.Doz9 – Ins Licht gehen Remix
16.Pierre Sonality & Spax – Mondschein Serenade Remix (Cuts by DJ Skala)
17.Doz9, Maulheld, Jay Spaten und Pierre Sonality – Zwei Zwei Remix
18.Sendemast – Fick deine Ansicht von Rap Remix (Cuts by Dj Ronny Montecarlo)
19.Sonne Ra – Fo’ Real Remix (Cuts by Lukutz)



An All White Nike Roshe One Arrives Just in Time for Summer

For sneaker aficionados, there are seasonal shoe styles that align with the changing seasons. For summer, you'll want a lightweight build finished in bright colors or neutral white. A stellar example of the latter is this Nike Roshe One, featuring a monochromatic palette drained of all color. The ...

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The Converse Chuck Taylor II “Neon” Collection Is Available Now

For Converse lovers who want to stand out in the crowd this summer, the brand has launched various neon colorways of the Chuck Taylor All Star II. Aside from the day-glo hues -- including Seafoam Green, Teal, and Volt -- the kicks are benefited by premium canvas uppers, Lunarlon sockliner, ...

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A 360-Degree Reflective Finish Distinguishes the Y-3 Sport Backpack

A breakout success from the Y-3 Sport line, this technically advanced backpack features paneled construction and a reflective finish throughout. A unique body-fitted profile offers a sleek, modern look, while details like adidas' ClimaCool system on the back, along with adjustable padded ...

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Ed E. Ruger Ft. Blind Fury & Fish Scales – You Ain’t Built Like This (Single)

As Rakim rapped nearly 30 years ago: “To me, MC means move the crowd.” And that sentiment remains true in the hearts of rappers like Ed E. Ruger, who proves in his rowdy new single, “You Ain’t Built Like This.”

Ruger makes his elder Hip-Hop statesman proud by killing shows and spitting dexterous, battle-ready bars. And he’s joined by a pair of equally talented acts—freestyle legend Blind Fury and Fish Scales (of Nappy Roots)—who do serious damage to J. Narley’s booming instrumental. Making the cypher complete is Phillie Phresh, who delivers the dizzying cuts on the chorus.

The track serves as the first preview of Ruger’s upcoming album, ‘Guerilla Grind Pt. 2: The Token,’ which is presented by Iconoclast Crew and Livewire Ent. In addition to Blind Fury and Fish Scales, the project will feature Guilty Simpson, Wax, and other emcees putting on for the underground. You know, like Ruger, who’s been hustling on the scene for years and has achieved placements on such hit shows as The Boondocks and Breaking Bad. ‘Guerilla Grind Pt. 2: The Token’ is due out this summer…stay tuned!

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Analog Brothers (Kool Keith, Pimp Rex, Marc Live, Ice-T & Black Silver) – Country Girl (Video)

If The Analog Brothers didn’t exist, the weirdest scientist couldn’t have invented them. Or perhaps they never existed. Maybe it’s possible this was all a demonic 31st century hallucination cooked up by Kool Keith and cyborg alien pimps peddling flesh and white fluff acid.

But how else to explain the ultra-rare, ultra-magnetic artifact left behind: Pimp to Eat. Originally dropping from the skies in 2000, it’s being re-released by Mello Music Group, and remains the timeless mind-fuck that it was when it first emerged. It’s a laser beamed synthesized hieroglyphic that could sound timeless in any century or sonic dimension.

There are a few clear things amidst the craziness. The centerpiece of the record is Pimp Rex (AKA Rex Roland), the legendary Angeleno hustler, who did production for Body Count and the chorus on Ice-T’s “I’m Your Pusher.” He enlists his longtime collaborator Ice Oscillator (Ice-T), Keith Korg (Kool Keith), Marc Moog (Marc Live), and Black Silver (Silver Synth). These are the five fly horsemen of the apocalypse, the Analog Brothers delivering digital blows, oscillating sub-tones, and urinating out of windows.

According to Ice-T, the original masters of Pimp To Eat were delayed when Kool Keith’s vocals were stolen during the melee that followed the Indiana Pacers–Los Angeles Lakers NBA championship basketball game June 19, 2000 in Los Angeles. Who knows if this is true? Maybe Reggie Miller was the culprit?

All we really know comes from the abstractions assaulting our eardrums. Rex Roland’s tribute to the old analog sound, eerie synthesizers and pimp-slapping 808 drum machines. Ice-T and Kool Keith trade bars like a rap Scully and Mulder. In the first minutes, the erstwhile Dr. Octagon shouts out George Gervin, swap meets and the Ultimate Warrior.

On “Analog Technics,” the man better known as Black Elvis throws feces at celebrities at the Billboard Awards, sporting Superman underoos, and driving a lime green Corvette. On “More Freaks,” Keith sniffs 8 grams of coke in Calvin Klein boxer shorts, watching Wide World of Sports. While Ice-T panders with Motorola Pagers, eating Grand Slams and asking you to meet him at the back of Denny’s.

This is how it goes across 16 tracks of interstellar pimping. Out of the attics of the insane comes one of the most overlooked rap classics of its era, full of bizarre boasts, ice-cold and meteor-hard beats, and the best bad examples. You couldn’t say no even if you wanted to.

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All Four Colorways of the Supreme x Nike Air Max 98 Are Launching on

Last month, Nike announced its collaboration with Supreme on the Air Max 98 weeks ahead of Supreme's official pronouncement. The medium that the Swoosh chose was the NikeLab Instagram account, where the brand unveiled just the red colorway. That would have been consistent with past releases, in ...

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UNIQLO Launches New Star Wars T-Shirt Collection for May the 4th

UNIQLO is celebrating May the 4th with a wide assortment of graphic tees dedicated to Star Wars. Releasing under the brand's UT imprint, the crewneck short-sleeves feature the film franchise's panoply of heroes and villains, as well as various lines of dialogue that have become pop-culture tag ...

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PLEASURES Announces Version 4.0 Launch

Los Angeles-based PLEASURES is set to launch its Version 4.0 collection, featuring an inspirational time frame from 1994-1998. According to creative director Alex James, "The collection embodies a time period in my life where I started who find out who I was while finally feeling comfortable in my ...

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The Nike Tennis Classic Gets a Flyknit Makeover

Over forty years since its initial launch, the Nike Tennis Classic receives a major makeover with the addition of a Flyknit upper, providing targeted breathability and support, along with flexible tooling for lightweight comfort. The men's version of the NikeCourt Tennis Classic Ultra Flyknit ...

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