Chris Rivers & Chino XL join Saint Joe on Homicide Fetish. Check Out The Visuals Here

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From the surface it might seem that todays HipHop is devoid of lyrical heavyweights that once flourished in the 90s. The key word here is “seem”, the art of lyricism never died, the mainstream might look the other way but one thing hard core Hip-Hop artists never did was compromise even in the face of armageddon.

  On paper, this team up looks pretty sick when you see the indelible Chino XL, Chris Rivers (who is steady killing anything at the moment) and Colorado based emcee Saint Joe. The trio go into lyrical war mode over a solemn cinematic soundscape crafted by producer GVME OVER. The song in question “Homicide Fetish” sees each emcee spewing vivid verbal darts with no restraints from double to triple time flows, inner rhyme schemes and more than a handful of metaphors to complete the cypher.

Visually the director Jeremy Pape goes retro depicting an old school cypher anchored by the three men in different locations from the streets of NYC to the mountains of Colorado. Homicide Fetish is taken from Saint Joe’s upcoming album Thinning Out The Heard which will be released on the 5th of August.

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 “Homicide Fetish” can now be purchased off the iTunes pre-order for Thinning Out the Heard, as the project’s debut instant grat track. Stay tuned for more song leaks and visuals!

The Holstar Weaves A Heartfelt Tale On Nipempako Featuring Vocalist Jane Jonazi

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The Holstar drops his sophomore single off his upcoming Album “Dreaming In High Definition”

The song is the story of a young man going through the motions as a result of being orphaned. Nipempako features Singer Jane Jonazi who provides the hook and is produced by Holstar’s very first producer Kati – reuniting after a 7 year long Hiatus.

 Nipempako means “I am asking for” in Nyanja – Asking for your help, your mentorship or your words of encouragement; That is the plea of 1.2 Million Orphaned Children all below the age of 15 that live in Zambia; 800,000 who are affected by HIV and AIDS.

Jonathan Emile Goes Searching For Life Altering Answers On Latest Tune

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Montreal’s Jonathan Emile continues to show his immense versatility with the musicianship with every release. On his latest venture, a reggae/soul cut titled Searching, Mr Emile taps into his Jamaican roots and fashions a heartfelt song questioning the status quo while seeking life fulfilling answers.

Hit the play button and watch it go down.

Stream it on Spotify and Apple Music, or purchase it on iTunes.

Get the audio HEre 

Some words from Mr Emile himself. “With ‘so much trouble in the world’ we need to remember to see the good in ourselves and let each and every one grow. The revolution starts from searching inside — I believe that when we look there, we will find that we have more in common than we could ever imagine.”

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star ’70s Don Chinese Suminagashi-inspired Look

Converse has some years on many other sneaker brands out there, but they have nothing on the ancient Japanese art form Suminagashi (or “ink-floating”). Since they can't beat 'em, Converse instead decided to join the 2,000 year old technique, allowing the floating ink patterns to create the ...

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SupraliminaL ft. Kool G. Rap & PaceWon – Get It Done (Prod. by Dr.G) (Single)

The Boston-bred and Bronx-based artist enlists the godfather of gangster Kool G Rap, and O.G. Pace Won for a heavy call to “Get It Done”. Sharp bars from beginning to end hit tough over clinical production (as always) from Dr. G. This banger is set to be on Supra’s album “Refill” coming later this year.

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Maffew Ragazino Ft. Easalio – Term Of Endearment (Stream)

That point that you get to with your lady when only YOU can talk to her a certain way >>> That is Term of Endearment. On this Feb 9 produced record, Sr. and Ease rap about key qualities they look for in a lady and the desire to reach that level where some of the most disrespectful terms can become endearing. Coming through at an ironic time, a week after the 20th anniversary of Reasonable Doubt, this week’s release is just politics as usual!

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V Knuckles (N.B.S.) Ft. Phinelia – Got What You Need (Stream)

Determined not to slow down after coming home from his 7th international tour with his cousin Flash as ½ of the true school duo N.B.S., V Knuckles introduces the world to himself as a solo artist with the thunderous “Got What You Need”.

Featuring Boston’s street hero Phinelia and mesmerizing production “Got What You Need” is available July 4th on pretty much anything that will play music via indie favorite Big Bang Records. Continue reading

Ambiguous – Devotion (2016)

1. Intro 00:49
2. I just wanna get down 04:03
3. Going back home 03:39
4. Outside yourself 02:42
5. Best girl in the world ft. Saukrates 02:42
6. Never give up ft. Moka Only & Choclair 04:05
7. Point view 03:42
8. The purpose 03:49
9. Mrs.Shaky 03:15
10. Zombie Apocalypse 03:46
11. Nocturnal ft. Touch & Definite 04:24
12. Shine 03:42
13. Raw 02:33
14. The Aura ft. Killah priest 03:58
15. Devotion ft. Oozeela 03:38
16. Find a way ft. Chad Hatchet 03:41

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Chox-Mak – Enemies (Stream)

Chox Mak promised new music every week and he delivers with this new track produced by The NetherLands own Turreekk Beats titled “enemies”. Chox talks about his trust issues and more about how the ones close will try to knock you down hence becoming an enemy. Chox pulls no punches on this new age banger still keeping the lyrical prowess that he is known for. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer enjoy.

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Check Out Constant Deviants Full length Album “Omerta”

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The duo of MI and Dj Cutt drop their fifth full length project Omerta which is 13 tracks of hard hitting cinematic cuts for your listening pleasure. Waste little time and check it out here.

Baltimore rapper M.I. and New Jersey producer DJ Cutt draw from their respective Italian and Russian heritage to adopt the personas of Luciano and Lansky in this themed release.   In a series of sonic screenplays set through the decades in the mafiosa underworld, the subject matter is used metaphorically.  They depict familiar times, events and cultural reference points as a formula to compare mindsets, lifestyles and personal experiences.

With expert marksman Luciano kicking the verbal ballistics aided and abetted by Lansky’s musical ammunition, these couple of hip hop goodfellas have once again produced a classic.

TRACKLIST (all tracks produced by DJ Cutt)


2 – Newspaper Man

3 – Bada Bing

4 – So Underrated

5 – Plata O Plomo

6 – I-95

7 – Make My Bones

8 – Sparks Steakhouse

9 – Delorean

10 – Fuklinski

11 – Reign Storms

12 – Untitled

13 – We Up Tho

Master & Dynamic MW60 Wireless Headphones Release in Black Metal and Leather

Master & Dynamic's popular MW60 Wireless Over Ear Headphones are now releasing in a sleek Black Metal and Black Leather rendition, adding even more class to what will be your new go-to mobile tool. Designed to last a lifetime and refine with age, the MW60s are Bluetooth headphones built with a ...

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